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Age: 2 years old (approx.)

Breed: Dogue du Bordeaux

Special Needs: Reese needs someone who has experience with his specific breed and to a home with a fully fenced yard.

Dogs: Good with most dogs

Cats: NO cats

Kids: Kids 16+ only

Strangers: Friendly, happy boy!

306572009_494196462324300_6574804390016571370_n (1).jpg

Who is ready for his furever family? Reese is!!

This very big boy is approximately 2 years old but still acts very puppy-ish in a lot of the things he does. Reese very likely never had any boundaries set for him in life and so he is now slowly learning that counter surfing is a no-no, and there might be a time and place for a few of his big goofball antics! Reese will only be adopted to someone who has experience with this breed and understands that he will forever be 50% “I will guard you and your family with my entire soul” and 50%, “omg rub my tummy and throw my fluffy bunny”.

Typical for his breed, Reese has a very strong character and will push boundaries when and if he can. A human who understands that firm and kind go hand-in-hand when working with breeds like Reese is needed. If you are harsh he will not respond well, and will feel backed into a corner. If you are soft he will rule the household in no time – and a 130 lb ruler with little self-control who is made of drool and cookie crumbs isn’t a good look for any home. When his foster mom says he needs to ‘sit’ before he gets his cookie, he NEEDS to sit before he gets his cookie. He will have a wee internal debate first, check out his foster mom’s resolve, and then finally sit. What would benefit Reese greatly is a good, positive reinforcement obedience class where he will learn new behaviours while having fun and also while bonding with his new people.

Reese loves people. He would love a home where he gets to spend lots of time with his new humans, doing chores outside, helping around the house. Reese is a happy, happy boy with a joy of life and all things fun. It’s hard not to respond to his waggy bum and happy tail and goofy Dogue grin. He loves outside time and is actually more energetic than you would expect for the breed. Normal mastiff-types are a bit couch potato-y, and he can be, but he also really does love to romp around in the yard and go for a few good walks every day. For walks, he does best on a halti as he pulls on a regular lead and he is STRONG.

Reese is good with most large breed dogs but can come across as a bit pushy and in-your-face at first, which may put many dogs off. He seems to do his “I’m BIG, fear me” act before dropping into a play bow and assuming they’d like to play chase now. Absolutely NO small dogs please, either in the home or in areas he may play off-leash. Reese has a pretty good prey drive and smaller dogs, cats, rabbits, etc., will not be safe with him. Dog parks and off-leash areas where you cannot control which dogs he will interact with are off the list for him.

Strangers though, Reese is happy to meet and greet with a waggy tail! He’s very good with people! Know that, again, due to his breed, he may become very guardy of his home and people if he is not kept socialized well. He is a vocal boy who, while outside in the yard, will bark at people and dogs and cars passing. Also common with this breed, he can be hesitant to share space with dogs or humans while eating or chewing on a nice big bone. He isn’t exactly guarding his things but is very clear he would prefer to be left alone, thanks. Knowing the breed, knowing the signs and expressions and other habits matter with a dog as big as Reese.

Reese hates (HATES) to be confined in a crate or small space. He will turn into a statue and be next to impossible to move when/if he doesn’t want to. He will do best with an area in the home dedicated to All Things Reese; his toys, some treats, his bed, lots of things to chew and keep him busy. If you push him into an area he doesn’t want to go into, Reese will grab your arm or hand or clothes – note please this is mouthing NOT biting. The same happens when he is outside and isn’t ready to come in yet – he will turn it into a game of “chase me” with his foster mom and try to get her to play with play bows and arm grabs. This is likely due to, as stated above, the fact that Reese seems to have little guidance or boundaries in his life up until now. He is sloooowly learning that he needs to listen and be a Good Boy, well, some of the time anyhow.

If you feel this happy goofball is your new boy please fully read our Adoption Process and then fill in the Adoption Application.

Please note that a $500 adoption fee applies to all dogs adopted through Herd About Rescue.






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