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Age: 2-4 years old

Breed: Bluetick Hound

Special Needs: Fenced yard and hound experience 

Dogs: Being assessed in foser home

Cats: NO cats

Kids: Ages 12+ please 

Strangers: Friendly

Rouby has just arrived in care (Jan 28th) and is still being assessed at this time. She is very much a typical hound and will need a home who has hound experience (the nose leads the dog!).

Robyn came from a place where she had little in the way of real life and home experience. She will need some time to settle and we will get to know her likes and dislikes before she is ready for applications. So far she is very friendly with people and good with the other hound who came into rescue care with her. She is NOT good with cats and very likely also not okay with small dogs. A fully fenced yard will be a must for her, like all hounds she will be tempted to wander should she get a good smell come her way.

Check back in a few weeks for updates as we get to know this beautiful girl!

If you are interested in Robyn please fully read our Adoption Process

and then fill in the AdoptionApplication.

Please note that a $500 adoption fee applies to all dogs adopted through Herd About Rescue.

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