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Age: 10 months old

Breed: Red Heeler (Cattle Dog)

Special Needs: Deaf - needs fully fenced, secure yard

Dogs: Yes but plays rough

Cats: Unknown, likely best no cats

Kids: Ages 8+ please

Strangers: Warms up fast


As you can see, Moxie's favourite place to be is snoozing on her humans. This very sweet 10+ month old girl would like a  home where she can be someone's favourite snuggle buddy. If you don't allow dogs on the furniture, Moxie is NOT your girl. 

Moxie is a working breed and needs someone who understands the breed and how to work with them. Give her a job and she'll get it done! Cattle dogs who are not kept busy and active throughout the day can end up frustrated and doing things their people don't like. They can also get stand-off-ish with strangers if not kept socialized and it's important for her new people to keep her happy, loving temperament alive and well.

Moxie didn't get a lot of "out and about" in the world when she was very young and lots of things are new to her. She is, however, eager to learn all about everything and is a lovely, happy girl once she knows you are a safe, kind person. She meets people of all ages with happy tail wags, and would love some older kids to romp around with in her new home (she does love kids, see her snuggling below!). Note that Moxie IS a herding dog and WILL herd small children and nip heels. She will only be adopted to a home that is willing to attend formal obedience classes with her - this is a great way to bond with her new people but will also help keep her socialized and using that smart wee brain of hers!! She is very food motivated so working with her is fun and easy.

Because Moxie is 100% deaf she will need a fully fenced, secure yard to romp and play in. Her foster mom is working on hand signals and other ways to work with her. We will work with her new family to help them learn how to work with a deaf dog on a day-to-day basis although the truth is you will get used to this quickly and forget she's deaf much of the time!

Mozie needs another dog in the home to play with; she is active and young and will do best with another young mid- to large-sized dog to play with and continue to help teach her about home life. Being deaf, another dog also gives her clues to follow for recall, etc.

Moxie is a fun, happy affectionate little girl who would love to find a cattle dog knowledgeable family to keep her busy mentally and physically. She will reward you with years of pure love and fun every single day.

If you are interested in Moxie please fully read our Adoption Process and then fill in the Adoption Application.

Please note that a $500 adoption fee applies to all dogs adopted through Herd About Rescue.

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